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The Secrets to Making Great Videos

10 Must Have Video Shots

By Frederic Robinson


The Secrets to Making Great Videos

10 Must Have Video Shots

By Frederic Robinson

Frederic Robinson - 10 Must Have Video Shots

About the author


Who is the Pro Video Advisor and the author of 10 Must Have Shots?

I’ve been working in the film and television industry as an actor, director, producer and editor for over 20 years.  Born in Winnipeg MB Canada, my family moved out to the West Coast when I was young and I grew up watching The BeachCombers.  Yes, I do mean the show, but I also mean that I watched The Beachcombers being filmed.  Growing up in Gibsons BC was the shooting location for the hit CBC series for almost 20 years.  My best friend lived right beside Pat John, the actor who played Jesse Jim on the series.  The fact is you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing something of the show being filmed.  I remember watching an episode and a car went around a corner and the next section of road was completely different.  In my own head I was saying “but that road doesn’t lead there…that’s not around that corner” – Needless to say it was my first taste of movie making magic!
Chesapeake Shores – Actor

Sam’s Lake – Assistant Editor

My Father and the Man in Black – On-line Editor

The Kerplunks – Get Creative DVD (Director/editor of 10 music videos)

Designing Spaces – Director/Editor of 24 episodes of a local design show

Cory Monteith – Gone/Glee

Alan Bishop – Survivor/Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge

Marty Brenneis – Star Wars Empire Strikes Back

Carl Miller – Pirates of the Carribean

Christian Slater – Alone in the Dark

Al Harlow – Prism

DSLR Cameras

Sony NX5U

Lav Mics

Boom Mics

KernerCam 3D Camera


Drone Camera


3 point lighting kit


Final Cut Pro 7

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10 Must Have Video Shots

by Frederic Robinson

This web-book quickly and easily shows you:

  • How to include your audience by setting the scene
  • What and why certain camera angles are more effective in telling your story
  • How to use foreshadowing and b-roll shots to make your videos appear professional
  • How to wrap-up and end your video with a lasting impact on viewers

The techniques I describe in this web-book are easy to understand, compact and use pictures showing you what a difference these tips can make. You’ll soon understand these "must have video shots" and know when to use them. Videos that used to feel like an assortment of clips will now have a creative feel that leaves viewers feeling emotional and excited.

Just knowing these tips makes shooting video much more fun and creative. Whether shooting with a smartphone (iPhone/Android), DSLR, or Handy-cam you'll instantly be rewarded in the videos you create.

Start creating compelling scenes and remarkable videos today!

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